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How to Prevent Landscape Wood From Rotting

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Landscaping with Wood

Installing wood retaining walls in your landscape is among the simplest and most attractive ways of making your landscape more usable. With it, you’ll be able to turn steep slopes, awkward hills into easy-to-navigate spaces.

Unfortunately, wood is prone to rotting which could make a once beautiful wall to collapse. If you don’t take the necessary precautions on time, you may wake up one day to a huge mess in your landscape.

Here are some workable tips to help in preventing landscape wood from rotting:

Buy High-Quality Wood

One of the surest ways to make your wood last longer without rotting is to buy high-quality wood. Purchase pressure-treated wood as this will easily withstand harsh underground conditions and the prevailing weather conditions.

Though the wood will cost more and may be hard to get, it is a worthy investment as it will last longer without losing its appeal.

Install Protective Barriers

To ensure that the wood does not touch the ground, a professional landscaper to installing a protective barrier between the woods and the soil. The landscaper will water-resistant tarps on every side of the wood that touches the ground.

Alternatively, he can construct a retaining wall using pebbles which will act as a barrier between the wood and the soil.

Treat the Wood Again

Though you purchased an already treated wood, you can treat it again to provide double protection. The barrier will protect the wood from moisture for longer and, in turn, prevent the wood from rotting. You should follow the manufacturer’s specifications when treating the wood.

Paint the wood

One way of ensuring that timber does not rot as a result of exposure to moisture is by painting it. The landscaper working on your project will use high-quality paint that will offer protection for longer. The paint will also help in protecting the wood against fungus attacks says American Lawn and Landscaping.

Leave Weep Holes Under the Wood

To ensure that water does not flood around the wood, you should create weep holes below the landscape wood. This will allow the rain or stormwater to pass through with ease leaving the area around the wood dry.

The landscaper will take special consideration in the water flow in your landscape when installing the wood. If the is a high chance of water gathering behind the wood, he’ll look for a way to stop this.

Wood Landscape

Points to Note

The truth is, there is no way to completely keep landscape timber from rotting as long as it is exposed to adverse weather conditions. What the landscaper will do is to ensure that the wood stays for longer without rotting.

Your choice of wood will also determine how long the landscape wood will stay without rotting. If you are not sure about the best wood for your project, talk to your landscaper. He has enough experience and will get you a durable, good looking wood that will make your landscape more appealing.

Always remember that your landscape is the first thing anyone coming to your home or office will see. Making a good first impression, as they say, is priceless!…